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Knowledge Management in Data Science, Data Analytics and Data Mining

The Society of Data Miners is delighted to announce a talk by Gavin Ireland, a freelance and expert in knowledge management, to be held at 6pm on Monday 18th September 2017, at the Royal Statistical Society, 12 Errol St, London, EC1Y 8LX.

Why should you care about Knowledge Management, and what can it do for you and your organisation?  What happens to organisations that don’t do Knowledge Management?  Knowledge Management is a relatively little-known function, but an essential one, not just a ‘nice to have’.  Gavin will show why it’s so crucial, and why you don’t need an executive decree to make it happen!

Businesses around the world lose time and money every day because of lost knowledge, false information, unverifiable knowledge, and knowledge that isn’t in the right place at the right time. Data Analysts and Data Scientists are no exception to this; given the profession’s role in generating new knowledge, there must be few professions that depend more on accurate and timely access to knowledge.  Knowledge can walk out of the door with leavers, it can be stuck in personal drives, inaccessible shares, or in people’s heads, or it may be available but you can’t be sure that it’s accurate or up to date.

Knowledge Management includes a wide library of tools and techniques to solve these problems and help unblock the flow of knowledge in your organisation. Gavin will also show examples of some of the things that can be done to improve KM without costing a fortune, including some successes stories.

Gavin Ireland is helping HSBC with Knowledge Management, part of bringing HSBCs corporate banking into the digital word, using the Agile/DevOps methodology.  After 14 years as a Technical Author and serving on the ISTC council, Gavin moved onto the wider role of Knowledge Management where he uses his skills as a Technical Communicator to a greater effect for a wider audience.  He has worked with a variety of organisations to improve their Knowledge Management, including The British Council, Sky and HSBC, and presented at The Henley Forum Conference, Technical Communications UK and Knowledge Management UK.  Gavin’s passion is to encourage learning and communication of technical information through discussion, coaching, collaboration and storytelling; face to face or using social media.

Plus: Short Ethics Session In addition to the above, SocDM has set up a steering group to guide the development, from the bottom up, of a practical professional code of ethics for those working in data analytics, data science & Big Data.  This meeting will include a short section where we invite ethical questions from the audience, to feed into this process.  We hope that some of you will come prepared with questions that arise from your work or that of your colleagues, from which moral concerns might be raised, even if you believe what is being done is OK.

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